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Kinetic is a San Diego-based Indie-Jazz trio that is comprised of founder Mike Rudolph (Vox, Keys) and a rotating door of San Diegan musicians. There is an ebb and flow from show to show. With guest performers sitting in, the dynamics shift the narrative which gives the audience a unique experience every time. All members have a distinctive Chi. Together, we are the conduit between energy and vibration, completing the circuit where the transient becomes home. 

Members in the past, present, and future:
Original founding member and collaborative writer, Jesse Charnow // Percussion 
Curran "Captain" Kiel // Percussion 
Caylon Travis // Percussion 
Marlene Munoz // Aux Percussion 
Marco Savoia // Bass 
Pat Hannon // Guitar 
Seth Panduranga Blumberg // Guitar 
Ryan Apodaca // Guitar, Saxophone 
Charlie Arbalaez // Saxophone

So, pull up a chair and join us in the words and ways of Kinetic.