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Kinetic is a San Diego-based Indie-Jazz trio that is comprised of Mike Rudolph (Vox, Keys), and Noor Che'ree (Bass). There is an ebb and flow from show to show. With guest performers sitting in, the dynamics shift the narrative which gives the audience a unique experience every time. All members have a distinctive Chi. Together, we are the conduit between energy and vibration, completing the circuit where the transient becomes home. 

Members in the past, present, and future:
Original founding member and collaborative writer, Jesse Charnow // Percussion 
Curran "Captain" Kiel // Percussion 
Caylon Travis // Percussion 
Marlene Munoz // Aux Percussion 
Marco Savoia // Bass 
Pat Hannon // Guitar 
Seth Panduranga Blumberg // Guitar 
Ryan Apodaca // Guitar, Saxophone 
Charlie Arbalaez // Saxophone

So, pull up a chair and join us in the words and ways of Kinetic.