Welcoming change.  

Hey cats and dames! 

Kinetic has undergone a few changes in the member lineup over the years. Jesse Charnow, long time friend and musical partner in crime of 20+ years (here and there) has taken off to continue his musical journey in San Francisco. Noor Che'ree, one very achieved bassist and multi-instrumentalist, went to Los Angeles to pursue his creative endeavors. Our brass players have scattered themselves to different parts of the States and all continue in the jazz capacity. Tim McNalley, with his warming bass skills, creative songwriting approaches, and multi-instrumentalist stride, has moved on to tour with other incredible acts and create his own brand of music. For a blink of an eye, Marco Savoia, one of the tightest bass players I know, and his tight-rhythm keeper, Josh Frontiero (drums) added something completely unique to the Kinetic sound. Sometimes, "the center cannot hold," in the words of Yeats. 

Finally, we have landed on a core duo: Mike Rudolph on keys/voice, and Curren Kiel on percussion. We will be keeping our eyes peeled and ears sensitive for a bass player that fits well into our puzzle. The writing process for new material, more shows, and more "energy in motion" will now, again, commence. We hope that you will help us write the next chapter in our book. 

See you soon!

Mike Rudolph

Revamping www.kineticmusic.com!!! 

We are moving a bunch of stuff on the site to make the music perusal and visual experience a more enjoyable one for all of you who stop by to say hello. So, please be patient as adjustments are made. Also, I will offer up some information about upcoming shows, merchandise, new tracks and videos, etc. Stay tuned and keep it real!

www.mikerudolphmusic.com is now LIVE! Join Mike on social media! 

Hey everyone!

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See you at the shows! Thanks.